The new standard in drilling and sample data management.

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From junior to enterprise, MX Deposit grows with you.

Whether you are a lone wolf picking up rocks in the desert, or a fully-fledged global juggernaut with 1000’s of employees scattered around the world producing, we’ve got you covered. From greenfields exploration to grade control, and with the power of the cloud, MX Deposit scales to meet anything you can throw at it.


Spend less on software and more on finding new ore bodies.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice metres of drilling to pay for software. MX Deposit eliminates the upfront CapEx usually required to implement a sophisticated system, and with its ease of configuration and use, also vastly reduces training time. Say goodbye to pricey legacy desktop software and consulting fees, and hello to MX Deposit—the first true SaaS product in this industry.


Collect quality data with a full audit trail.

Drill and sample information are the lifeblood of exploration and mining companies, and essential for decision making. MX Deposit has industry standard best practices for data collection and quality control, and allows you to govern the system by shaping your own environment.


MX Deposit can follow you anywhere you go.

Whether you are a manager jet setting between projects, or a field geo living up in the bush, MX Deposit and your data are always right at your fingertips. Work online with our web and mobile apps, or bring your data with you off the grid. Whatever your scenario is, urban, rural, or the extreme remote, you’ll always have the tools to get the job done with MX Deposit.